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Steven Allen is in another movie!

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Steven Allen - Sanju     Sanju     Steven Allen - Sanju


"For Penn students about to start their new lives in the Big Apple, a film series about their peers is about to come [from UPenn] graduate and founder of Prillen, Steven Allen [...] "Childlike," a film series on 20-somethings finding their place in New York City."

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~ The Daily Pennsylvanian

"Steven Allen is the creator of Prillen and the new film series Childlike."

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~ The Native Society 



Steven Allen

Artist Spotlight on pages 11 and 12

~ The Little Black Book


Artist Spotlight - The Little Black Book

Spruce Street

Reality Meets TV in 'Spruce Street'

~ The Daily Pennsylvanian


Spruce Street - The Daily Pennsylvanian     Spruce Street - The Daily Pennsylvanian