POSTED: March 29, 2020

Prillen - Stay At Home TikTok Videos

Since many of us are stuck at home, but still want to act, let’s get creative and make art from the safety of our own homes.

I’m looking for all ages and types to cast for TikTok videos. I’m in NYC, but you can be based anywhere, since you wouldn’t have to leave your house.

The format for most of these videos will be short video call skits.

I’ll guide you through the process if cast. You’ll just follow the script, film on your phone, and send me the footage. I’ll do the edit and upload to my account.

These will be quick videos to shoot and would not take more than 30 minutes to film.

This is an unpaid opportunity, but a good way to build your audience, to hit the ground running once the industry is back up and running to normal speed.

Send me your headshot and a link to your portfolio. If you can sing, play an instrument, dance, or have a special talent let me know. Also, send me a link to your TikTok.

I’m looking for people who already make TikTok videos, but if you’re new to the platform, no worries, just make an account and send me the link to your profile.

Here is some of my previous work:


prillen short shorts  


Here are my TikTok accounts:




Make Art! Be Brilliant!  


If interested, submit on Backstage or email your materials.