Where did the name Prillen come from?

Prillen is a combination of my last name Allen and my mother’s maiden name Prince.

Why do I see some older content associated with the name CastlePrillen?

Prillen was originally called CastlePrillen, which was a combination of my last name Allen, my mother’s maiden name Prince, and my grandmother’s maiden name Castleberry.

Can I send you something physical to check out, like a postcard?

Sure, the address is at the bottom of prillen.com.


Where do you get your t-shirts, and how can I buy one?

I make quite a few clothes that I wear, for that bespoke look. I am selling t-shirts in my store--The Prillen Store, but if you would like some custom clothing, you can send me an email.

Where can I buy a painting?

If you are interested in buying a custom painting or one that already exists, send me an email.

Where can I see the movies and shows you’ve acted in?

Most of them are listed on IMDb. The distribution platforms sometimes change, so it’s easiest to just google the titles, if you want to see where to watch.

Where can I find your music?

If you subscribe to prillen.com, you’ll be notified about all new content, including music, but many of my songs are available on the music page of Prillen and the music section of The Prillen Store.

Can I use your music, photography, or films in a project?

You can always email me about this, and we can work something out.

How can I support your work?

I appreciate the support! Sharing and telling other people about my work is a huge help. You can also subscribe to prillen.com, check out my blog--The Prillen Post, and follow my social media platforms. If you would like to do more, you can buy an item from my store and consider becoming a patron on Patreon.