A film series about young 20 somethings trying to make it in New York City - created by Steven Allen

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Lifetime couple, since the age of 5, Alex Evans and Kimberly Peterson grew up together in Birmingham, Alabama. They attended the same schools, including Springs, their high school, until they went off to college. Alex went to NYU and met his best friend David Michaels. Kim went to UPenn and met her best friend Ashley Thompson. Alex and Kim stayed in a long distance relationship during college and both decided to live in New York City post graduation. Kim decides to break up with the love of her life, and that's where the real story begins with our 20 somethings in NYC.


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"2011 [UPenn] graduate and founder of Prillen, Steven Allen, has released the trailer of "Childlike," a film series on 20-somethings finding their place in New York City."

~ The Daily Pennsylvanian (read more)

"Steven Allen is the creator of Prillen and the new film series Childlike."

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"Sarah Spruell is a writer and producer for the film series Childlike."

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william serri

Alex Evans

played by

William Serri

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chelsey mitchell

Kimberly Peterson

played by

Chelsey Mitchell

drew michael gardner

David Michaels

played by

Drew Michael Gardner

lindsey steinert

Ashley Thompson 

played by

Lindsey Steinert


glen feinstein

Glen Feinstein

jessica fontaine

Jessica Fontaine

max king

Max King

alex landi

Alex Landi

oscar reis

Oscar Reis

jordan santoro

Jordan Santoro

jonathan spence

Jonathan Spence

jackson stewart

Jackson Stewart

jayson wesley

Jayson Wesley

jacques wortsman

Jacques Wortsman

madison yanofsky

Madison Yanofsky


steven allen

Steven Allen

executive producer,

director & writer

Sarah Spruell

Sarah Spruell

producer & writer


justin montgomery

Justin Montgomery



wylie rush

Wylie Rush

assistant director


Nathaniel Pierce

still photographer

Nori Mizukami

Nori Mizukami

first assistant camera

Tim Stark

Tim Stark

chief lighting technician

doretha mintah

Doretha Mintah

blogger & model

shira aaron

Shira Aaron

makeup artist

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