I Have Awesome Supporters!

Hey, so where is the cold weather??? I thought the hot days were packing their bags and leaving.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting my art. Today, I want to give a special thank you to a very cool girl from the UK who wrote an amazing blog post about me.


You have to check out her posts! Her website is called Sam Blogs - sammybblogs.com. She's an excellent writer and clearly has good taste, haha.


Now I am on a mission to write to all of you who have been following me on these various social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, AND TUMBLR! There are so many of you on Tumblr; I can't wait to say hello to all of you!

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!





It’s My Birthday Week!!!

Everything is set for my Prillen Store grand opening on my birthday,  Thursday, September 11th!

25 years ago, in the last bit of the glorious 80s, I made my debut into the world! That sounds so conceited, lol! I'm actually very excited about this week.

It was a running joke for a while that I said I would be celebrating the whole week. I guess I spoke it into happening. I was really thinking I would do something on Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday too, but no, now it's the whole week, Sunday to Saturday. I'll wait to tell you next week about the festivities that took place.

Last Sunday I said that I was going to get a few things for the Labor Day sale. I didn't, haha, but I did get the things I needed later in the week: extra sheets and a blanket.

I want to make videos again! I'm really liking the style of Mark E Miller's videos on YouTube. They're vlogs, but they look like mini movies. I was watching one the other day and thought he has to be a fellow film major. He has to be! Then he said he studied film later in the video. I like how his videos have a fun and laid back look but are still professional. His motto is, "Do you know why today's a great day? Because every day's a great day." His videos definitely reflect that.

I'm going to do it. Whatever audience I have with these videos, large or small, I'm going to enjoy making more art!

I'm having so much fun with everything Prillen. I'm glad you're joining me on this adventure!

Oh, and I found the charity that I want to support. Every time you purchase something from Prillen Store, 10% of the proceeds will go to The DoorSince 1972, The Door is a wonderful charity that provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of New York City youth aged 12-21.

Yay! I'm excited!

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!





Prillen Store Opens September 11th – My Birthday!

I'm so excited to tell you that my online store, the Prillen Store, will open on my birthday!!! September 11th!


You'll be able to buy my posters and paintings! If there is a poster that you want of one of my paintings that is not available in the store, let me know, and I'll make one for it.

What else? I'm really glad it's getting colder outside. It's been so hot this past week. Yuck!

Oh, I posted a new remix to my SoundCloud yesterday. It's a remix of Zedd's "Clarity" featuring Foxes.

Last week a friend told me that Zedd lost hearing in one of his ears. I read that some of his hearing came back recently. I hope he makes a full recovery. I'm not sure where his condition came from, but all of us interested in loud electronic music, LEM, haha, need to take care of our hearing. Really anyone going to a club these days needs to wear earplugs. It's ridiculous!

Anyway, a couple of my friends are moving back to the East Village the weekend after my b'day, and I said I would make a painting for them. They asked. I'd like to make a 5ft. by 5ft. single canvas painting. I think it will be a lot of fun.

What else? What else? I'm liking this stream of consciousness style.

Labor Day!

I'm so very glad I get a three day weekend! I'm sure everyone is. So many people travel for the weekend, but I wanted to stay in the city so I could appreciate the extra time. Three days is a long time if you don't go anywhere, but if you're traveling, one of the days is used up by flying, driving, etc.

You know what? Tangent thought. I need a new set of sheets and a blanket, so I think I will take advantage of the Labor Day sales happening.

Well I guess I will let you go. I'm meeting with a couple of friends from high school later today. Maybe there will be pictures. You can check out my Instagram.

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!





Meetup.com Is Pretty Neat!

I tried Meetup.com last week, and I was really surprised with the results! I met so many awesome people through the two events I went to last Tuesday and Thursday.

Okay, so on Tuesday I went to a fashion meetup on the rooftop of a hotel in Midtown. You can check out my Instagram for photos. On Thursday I went to a tech meetup in Chelsea.

I feel like it's probably a hit or miss with these types of events, but I look for ones that have a large number of people who click RSVP. I'm guessing the actual number of people who show up is around half of the confirmed list.

Anyway, from one of the meetups, I met this really cool girl who invited me to her birthday party in Brooklyn. It was in a beautiful townhouse near Prospect Park. It was so much fun! Everyone there was extremely nice, and I now how some wonderful people I'm looking forward to hanging out with again.

I'm going to two or three more events this week!

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!






I started watching a bunch of EDM interviews, so Zedd, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, etc. When I got to Deadmau5, I really related to him, not because of the tattoos, haha, but because he's a tech guy. I like coding, building websites, and the like, but I didn't think that any people who do music as careers on such a grand scale are into that too.

However, Deadmau5 sees himself more as a tech person, rather than a musician. I feel like I'm both, maybe I'm analytically creative or creatively analytical.

What is so strange to me is that people are so complex when it comes to interests, yet everyone wants to sum up individuals in a couple of words, marketing terms.

Since EDM is becoming more and more popular/mainstream, I wonder what the next emerging genre will be.

Kesha Blow Remix

In 2011, I made a song called "Ich bin ein Bewohner."

Earlier this year, I thought the music would sound good with Kesha's "Blow," so I decided to make a remix.

I put it on SoundCloud. I'll be adding more music soon.