Sick Week :(

So, I hope you have been well! I was so sick this past week. Last Sunday I felt completely fine, but on Monday, I woke up feeling like someone punched me on the right side of my throat. Tuesday, it felt that way on the left side, and the pain was gone on the right. Wednesday, I developed a little cough, and Thursday, I started to feel better. Friday and Saturday, I had a stuffy nose. I guess there is a bug going around.

So this whole week I have been RESTING with a capital R. Well... that is, until the weekend. I hung out with some pretty cool future doctors who are currently doing big things in medical school. I guess I was around the right crowd after being sick for a week.

We had a fancy time in Brooklyn. I feel like I'm in Brooklyn every week. I actually have been in Brooklyn every week. I think it will become my second home before the end of the year.

I just overall feel so happy and thankful. I am so excited about what is to come! The best is yet to come!!!

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!



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