Is Pretty Neat!

I tried last week, and I was really surprised with the results! I met so many awesome people through the two events I went to last Tuesday and Thursday.

Okay, so on Tuesday I went to a fashion meetup on the rooftop of a hotel in Midtown. You can check out my Instagram for photos. On Thursday I went to a tech meetup in Chelsea.

I feel like it's probably a hit or miss with these types of events, but I look for ones that have a large number of people who click RSVP. I'm guessing the actual number of people who show up is around half of the confirmed list.

Anyway, from one of the meetups, I met this really cool girl who invited me to her birthday party in Brooklyn. It was in a beautiful townhouse near Prospect Park. It was so much fun! Everyone there was extremely nice, and I now how some wonderful people I'm looking forward to hanging out with again.

I'm going to two or three more events this week!

Until next Sunday, à tout à l'heure!



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