Prillen is production company created in 2009 by Steven Allen that produces works of art in various mediums: music, film, fashion, and more.

steven allen


As a member of SAG-AFTRA, most of the time I'm on sets acting under the name Steven Allen Prince. I live in New York City and love making art: film, photography, music, fashion, painting, and more. Most people call me Steven Allen, like it's my first name.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and discovered my passion for art at the age of five, when I began pursuing theater. In addition to acting, I had a desire for singing and developed my voice in musicals. In ninth grade, I became invested in playing the piano and began taking classical lessons. Two years later, I started playing the guitar and writing my own songs.

I graduated a year early from The University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Cinema Studies and minoring in both Music and English.

I created CastlePrillen Productions in 2009 to soothe my acting bug.

The name CastlePrillen comes from my grandmother’s maiden name, Castleberry, my mother’s maiden name, Prince, and my last name, Allen. I decided to simplify the name CastlePrillen by shortening the name to Prillen. Don’t worry; my grandmother is okay with the name change because she is a Prince too.

You can follow my creative journey with Prillen by exploring this site:

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